Based on the Sunshine Coast, Behaviour Solutions is run by Jay Beckley. Jay is a registered psychologist with over ten years experience supporting adults and adolescents with mental health and substance use problems and children with developmental issues and special needs. Jay has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and has undergone advanced training in behavioural and psychological assessment and intervention skills. Jay is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society and works to their code of ethics. You can find out more about Jay's professional profile on Linkedin.



Master of Educational Psychology (Honours)

Graduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology)

Bachelor of Health Science

Professional Membership

Psychology Board of Australia - Registered Psychologist

Australian Psychological Society - Full Member

Australian Psychological Society - Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Identified Practitioner

Research Publications


Beckley, J. (2011). The Wellbeing of New Zealand Teachers: The Relationship Between Health, Stress, Job Demands, and Teacher Efficacy. Academic Supervisors: Dr. Jane Prochnow and Professor Bill Tunmer, Massey University Library, Palmerston North.
- Teacher stress is a phenomenon that has attracted a vast amount of attention over the last forty years. Historically, national and international research has demonstrated role overload and teacher efficacy have long been associated with teacher stress. More recent international research indicates increased role responsibility might also be a contributing factor....Read more
Tyrer, S.P., Beckley, J., Goel, D., Dennis, B., & Martin, B. (2012). Factors influencing the use and practice of seclusion in an acute mental health service in Southland, New Zealand. The Psychiatrist, 36, 214-218.
- Aims and Method: This study examined the frequency of seclusion intervention and factors associated with its use in the acute general adult psychiatric ward serving the Southland area of New Zealand. Details of the use of seclusion and relevant demographic data were collected over a 12-month period in 2007-2008....Read more