No referral is required. You can refer yourself by sending an email or by making a phone call. However, if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate, you will need to see your GP and be referred with a Mental Health Care Plan. You can also be referred through a Psychiatrist and Paediatrician in which case a Mental Health Care Plan is not required.

The recommended hourly rate as set by the Australian Psychology Society is $241.00 per hour. My fees are as follows:


Clinic Visit: Full hourly fee for counselling is $160.00 - Medicare Rebate = $84.80 leaving you $75.20 out of pocket per hourly session.

Home/School: Full hourly fee for observations and counselling at home/school is $180.00 - Medicare  Rebate = $106.55 leaving you $73.45 out of pocket per hourly session.

Concession Card Holders: $130.00 - Medicare Rebate = $84.80 leaving you $45.20 out of pocket per hourly session.

Cognitive and Behavioural  Assessments and Reports: Please inquire here.


Medicare allows you to claim rebates for six sessions, then you will require a re-referral in order to claim another four sessions. A maximum of 10 sessions can be claimed each calendar year. Medicare rebates are not available for cognitive or behavioural assessments.

More information about psychological services through Medicare can be found HERE

Private Health Insurance

Behaviour Solutions is registered with the major private health insurance organisations. Please check with your insurer as to your eligibility. 

Work Cover


Behaviour Solutions is a Work Cover provider.

FEES - and rebates

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