Research conducted properly is not easy. Anyone can gather numbers and a narrative and draw conclusions. I have advanced training and qualifications in research and statistics and a Masters degree in Psychology. I have also published research in a international peer reviewed journal and am currently writing more.


I support students by:


  • Analysising and interpreting data usging SPSS

  • Reporting findings properly and correctly 


I offer a 24 hour turn around service. I allow one hour to analyse and interpret your data and to and report your findings for which costs only $50.00 AUD. A 45 minute Skype session can be added for an additional $50.00 AUD.


Below, you will find some examples of research I have carried out in the education and health sectors. If you would like to discuss this further, please phone 07 3315 4359 or 0474 220 613 or email, or to get started, please fill out the form below.


Beckley, J. (2011). The Wellbeing of New Zealand Teachers: The Relationship Between Health, Stress, Job Demands, and Teacher Efficacy. Academic Supervisors: Dr. Jane Prochnow and Professor Bill Tunmer, Massey University Library, Palmerston North.

Tyrer, S.P., Beckley, J., Goel, D., Dennis, B., & Martin, B. (2012). Factors influencing the use and practice of seclusion in an acute mental health service in Southland, New Zealand. The Psychiatrist, 36, 214-218.