SOLUTIONS - for parents and children

I have a particular interest in supporting families, teachers, educators and children with behavioural and developmental issues.

I’m passionate about supporting parents, teachers, educators and children who are struggling with behavioural, developmental and psychological difficulties. I know that even minor behaviours can throw a family and school into disarray and I often hear “We’ve tried everything, nothing works”. WHY? To have any chance of fixing the behaviour, the behaviour needs to be understood.


My Approach: Not only do I work one on one with children and adults, I also take an environmental and strengths based approach. I like to work with what your child is good at. I like to understand what is happening around your child and work with you and teachers as a team with the goal of creating a supportive environment to help your child succeed academically, behaviourally, emotionally, and socially.  

I provide support to parents and teachers of children from ages three to 21 years who display all kinds of behaviours from aggression, anger, school refusal and sleep issues. I also support children with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as well those that have developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, ADHD and Autism Spectrum disorder.

If requested, I can also undertake diagnostic testing and assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder using recommended international and Australian standards and guidelines. Other assessments I can undertake include functional behaviour assessments, cognitive (IQ) assessments, and adaptive assessments.

Yes, if necessary, I can visit the school and family home to assess your child and implement and monitor behavioural strategies. Research tell us that fixing the environment to fit the child is the best approach. 

Your Appointment: Home, School or Clinic

About Home Visits: If by mutual agreement it is decided that it would be best to provide support in your home, I do so in order to provide support, not to judge. Research supports the effectiveness of home based support for parents and children. Being in your home allows me to identify and respond to problems as they arise in the natural environment.  

About School Visits: I often visit schools to observe classroom and playground behaviour. I also support teaching staff to implement support and interventions for your child.

What to Expect:

Prior to working with you I will email you some forms to fill out and send back to me. These are assessment forms that will provide me with an understanding of your concerns before we meet. If the behaviour is also occurring in school, I might have to gain your consent to have discussions with your child's teacher and for the teacher to fill out assessment forms.


The first and second sessions involves clarifying your concerns and meeting your child. After the first session, I expect to implement some recommendations. In most cases, after the second session I usually have enough information to develop a plan to support you and your child. 


Outcomes are important to me, I'm sure they will be for you as well. Along the way I will have some monitoring tools that I would like you to use which are important in case we have to make adjustments to the plan.  

The Next Step:

Phone your GP and tell the administration officer that you might require a Mental Health Care Plan. When you see your GP, explain your concerns. You can ask your GP to be referred to a specific psychologist. Mental Health Care Plans cover most common mental health and developmental issues. Once I have received your referral, I will contact you to arrange an appointment.


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