We run Behaviour Workshops across Queensland that are very popular with parents, early learning educators and teacher aides and are targeted towards children aged between 3 and 11. Parents who have children with ADHD and ASD and other developmental disorders will benefit from this workshop; however, the focus is on behaviour, not the diagnosis. Common behaviours addressed are anger, aggression, defiance, hitting, temper tantrums, disrespectful behaviour, stealing, non-compliance and many more.


Feedback From Recent Workshops


"Thank you for a brilliant two hours"!!!!


"I just want to say thank you. I found this morning’s seminar to be very interesting and most valuable. I have gained some new understandings and insights, and renewed energy to keep working with the issues in this household".


"This workshop offered a great mix of good clear information, and discussion. Thank you".


The benefits from attending this affordable two hour workshop are:


  • You will learn what is behind common child behaviour.

  • You will gain an understanding of what behaviour is telling you.

  • You will learn how to significantly decrease unwanted behaviour, with the aim of ending it permanently.

  • You will learn practical evidence based behavioural strategies – what works and what doesn’t.

  • These workshops are personalised to your needs.

  • It is preferred if children do not attend - as we will be talking about them!

  • Only $30.00 per person or $50.00 per couple.

  • Facilitated by Jay Beckley MEdPsych(Hons) – Behaviour Specialist 





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